Saturday, May 30, 2015

Woke up early

Woke up a half hour earlier than my normal. Everything was hurting. Usually that means a thunderstorm is coming. Checked the radar and sure enough, a bit more rain coming this way.
I think I'll go buy some gopherwood.

Today is supposed to be the last day for a while. Sunday is supposed to be nice. Yay!

Been spending a good bit of time this week getting caught up on Dr. Who. I'm nearly at the end of what's available on Netflix. I'll miss it when I'm done, but I'll look forward to Season 8 this fall.

I've got my wood list ready for the home improvement store. I'll go on Monday. If I can get them to do the cutting it should be a fairly easy build. Fingers crossed.

That's all I've got today. Feeling a bit slow. Probably because of waking up that way. I think I'll go get a banana and oatmeal muffin and try to wake up.

So, off I go.

Friday, May 29, 2015

A bit o' rain

More heavy rain last night, and a bit of thunder.

That phrase, "We can always use the rain"? It's sounding a bit hollow.

The good thing is that the ponding in the front that had begun to recede is back this morning, just in time for the person who will give me an estimate for correcting the drainage issue. It's nice that they'll be able to see in person the problem, instead of relying on my phone photos.

The river that runs through my little town down the hill had crested at 6 inches over flood stage. That was before last night's rain, so I imagine it's up a bit more than that now. The bridge is well above the 100 year flood stage, so I don't expect it will come that high.
But every rainfall adds to that level. 
The ground's saturated; the rain has nowhere to go but into the rivers.

The good news it that the forecasters are saying this should be the last of the heavy storms for at least the next week, giving the ground a chance to recover. Oh, some spotty showers, but nothing like what we've seen here this month.

Last time I saw it rain this much was nearly 10 years ago, when the Belton Reservoir crested.

I don't imagine I helped things much. I managed to get my whole yard mowed before it came in again.
I'd done the edges with the hand mower on Wednesday. And did the rest with the riding mower yesterday.
Just was putting it away when the first rumbles sounded.
Good timing, eh?

It should be good for nearly a week, now.
First time I've been able to get the whole thing caught up since I got back from my little camping trip.

I opted to mow instead of driving to town ahead of the next wave of storms.
I'll have time next week to get the wood I need.
And this way I wasn't nervously watching the sky and creeks while racing back and forth.

Well, I've some cleaning to do, so off I go.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

good and not good

I'm not doing so good about keeping this thing up, am I.
Not sure what's going on, but I'll keep trying. Just for you, J. :)

Today I had another dentist appointment early. This time the fit was right, so off it goes to become permanent teeth. So, another month, more likely.

Too wet and too much rain to mow. Still can't do handwork without too much pain. So, reading, and movies. Catching up on Dr. Who. I like it. Especially the Christmas ones.

Tomorrow morning I have someone coming to give me an estimate on a drainage issue I have with heavier rains. Should be an easy fix, but it's outside my abilities.

Working on the list for the lumber store for my next building project. It's a bit unusual, but something I've been wanting to build for such a long time. Had to build up my skills to get to the point I could try it. I'm ready now. A bit nervous, but ready. Well, once I get the wood. Pictures when it's done.

Speaking of pictures, I'm afraid I didn't get one of the newest fawn in the back acre. Too fast. Momma deer got it down in the tall grass quicker than I could get my camera. So there will be at least one fawn to watch grow up this year. Yay!

Monday, May 25, 2015

Time to decide

I've been playing with different designs for my spare room bed,
the only bed downstairs, now,
and the one I use.

It's in the office, and I want to make it a combination:

dresser drawers,
fold out bed,
fold out desk,
standing desk,
and shelving that allows things to be put on it, and yet,
when the bed folds down, the shelf moves without tipping everything to the floor,
or having to be cleared off.

It's a tall order.
But I think I've gotten it figured out,
the design,
and the build.

I'll make it in three parts.
The drawer part below,
the folding bed, desk and shelf part,
and lastly the standing desk part.

I've been spending some of this rain time by searching the Internets for free plan sets.

I found plans for a murphy bed, but it's a tall, upright one, not a sideways job like I want to build.

I've looked it over and I think I can adapt the plans to work.

I just need a couple rain free, clear headed days to figure out the wood requirements.

I found ready made plans for the drawers. Perfect size for what I want, too. Yay!
And also the standing desk part.

So, I'll start with the drawers. Just need to make a list and go to the big town 45 minutes away.

Not tomorrow.
The bug guy comes then.
Good thing.
I'm getting water bugs between my screen door and outside door. Only a matter of time before they find a crack to get in.

I think I may have a way figured out to solve the heavy rain ponding by the front walk.
And I should be able to do it myself without having to call in a landscape company.

I wish I had a plumber friend that lived nearby. A snake, the plumbing kind, not the reptile variety, would come in pretty handy about now.

More rain in the forecast for today and tonight, but then after that, even though the rain stays in the forecast, it is supposed to be spotty showers, pop up evening storms, and much more mild.

Good. I'm ready for some of that.

[All clear. Tornados missed me this time! Yay!]

I've got a few more pictures for you.

Mother's day brought a lovely 'Just because' from my lovely husband.

He knows I love a picket fence. :)

I got some pictures of my 3 mystery shrubs blooming.

There are yellow Iris blooming in the neighbor's cow pasture. Don't know if there was a house there sometime ago, or if the person who used to own this place planted them. It's anyone's guess, but they're nice.

a spot of color in the cow pasture

And a wild grass called 'blue-eyed grass', native to this area. Delicate and lovely.

It only grows in areas that aren't mowed in the spring.

So, what do you do when you're out shopping and can't find a mirror?
A selfie works just fine!
(nope, didn't buy it. Might still, though. It's kinda cute, eh?)

Just a bit Audrey Hepburn, don't you think?

Okay, that's it for me this time.
Off I go.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

still here

Two inches of rain overnight with more on the way today, 
and monday
and tuesday

Beginning to feel like that movie, Groundhog day.

But I'm still here.

Dug a ditch at the back of the driveway turnaround solved one flood prone area.

Still need to come up with a solution for the area near the front walk.

I think that might need professional help.

If it keeps on raining every day, I might too. :)

More pictures from earlier in the month tomorrow.

Saturday, May 23, 2015

a bit of rain

The mower came yesterday! Yay!

But we had thick fog and wet grass so no mowing.

This morning we have more rain. So, yeah, not today either.
At this rate, I'll need to hay, not mow. :)

But the rain helps the flowers.
The bluebonnets are nearly all done, but I'm leaving the seed pods to dry,
if it ever does,
so there'll be lots of seeds for next year's display.

The little yellow plant...not sure if it's a weed or a flower, but it's pretty,
so I'll just enjoy it and not worry about that sort of thing.

The rose loves the rain.

The daisy plant does too.

The yellow yarrow is drinking it up.

So is the Lantana, even though that's usually a dry climate, low maintenance plant.
The rain hasn't killed it yet, so I guess it likes the rain, too.

Flood watch for today and tomorrow. They say maybe 3 inches of rain in the next day and a half.

Sure wish I'd installed rain barrels when I moved in here.

I dug a short ditch around two corners of the driveway turnaround. It wasn't draining properly and I was getting standing water there every time it rained.

I guess I'll know by the end of Sunday if the ditch worked or if I need to do more to clear the problem.

It's a book and movie weekend. Not feeling up to even wood working today.

Maybe I'll get to town on Monday and get what I need to finish up the safety door and Apartment kitchen work bench.

The person who wants to rent it in July-August stopped by yesterday to see it. She seemed to like it, in spite of my half projects. I'm glad.

It will be nice to get it rented. And she seemed like a nice, level headed kid. Fingers crossed.

This morning I found what I think is a tarantula. Dead. Thank heavens. And outside.
Need to check google images to be sure.

And a couple of roaches, big water bug type. Also not living. Also outside.

Bug guys come again on Tuesday. Can't be too soon!

That's it. I've run out of nice for today.
So, off I go.

Friday, May 22, 2015

Another picture day

Had a bit of clearing yesterday, but wasn't feeling up to hand mowing.
That's alright. The riding mower should be here today and I'll get it all caught up.

I spent yesterday getting caught up on laundry instead, and watching a few back episodes of Doctor Who. My friend in Arizona introduced me to it, and I'm enjoying catching up on them by way of Netflix.

Speaking of catching up, a few more photos for you...

Besides the centipede, ... I did tell you about that, didn't I? Anyway, I had another couple of visitors the past few days.

This guy came early in the morning:

And these three in the afternoon:

The wind was from the wrong direction so I couldn't get a better shot of them.

Recognize them?

They're the momma deer and twin fawns from when I first moved in here, nearly a year ago.

They're all grown up now, and momma deer is wide with new life. I hope she uses the back acre as her nursery again this year. It's wonderful watching the fawns grow up.

Speaking of new life, this growing of new leaves is the only time this type of maple turns red. In the fall, the leaves turn yellow before they fall. Not a sugar maple. Some other kind.

I like the color on them.

And one mystery tree that bloomed pink blossoms earlier this spring had small fruit, so I'm guessing it's an ornamental cherry:

What do you think?

Most of the delphiniums are a purple blue, but there are also some pink ones in the volunteers:

I'm not much of a flower gardener, but the woman who lived here before was, so I'm enjoying the fruits of her labor. I've more flower pictures saved up. I'll share more of them tomorrow. It's supposed to rain then, and so it's a good use of inside time, catching you up on the pictures, right?

And we can always use the rain. 

Hard to believe, all the rain this past year and areas of Texas are still in drought.
Not nearly as bad, though. Most of the lakes are working on recovering, and with the ground saturated, all the new rain runs off into the watershed and then into the lakes.

Rain, here, is nearly always a good thing. 

I try very hard to remember that when the weather makes me uncomfortable. 
A land of extremes, this place.

But when it's good, it's very good here. 

I'm hanging on to that thought, too.

Right. So, that 's enough for today.
Off I go.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

three more

Yesterday the forecast was incorrect. Rain and storms all around; only a little rain here.
More in the forecast for...well, at least the next 5 days.

The mower didn't come yesterday. They had a bit of trouble, tire trouble, and were delayed.
They'll try again on Friday.

So that means more hand mowing on the plate today, as the rain allows.

Slept wrong two days ago and my neck is giving me some pain, too. It should be better in a day or so but it will make mowing a bit more of a challenge. That's what Tylenol is for, I suppose. My system can't seem to tolerate any other kind of pain medication, so that's what I get to use. It works, most of the time, except on the arthritis in my fingers.

So no knitting until the rain and pain clears.

Thankfully, I can still manage woodworking, if I'm careful, without too much pain.

I got the kitchen shelf up in the apartment, but it needs more bracing. Not sure if I have the wood needed, or if I'll need to go to the big town to get more. I'll dig through the scrap pile today and see.
I want to get this project done and finished so I can start building my murphy bed. :)

A few more pictures today.
My lemon thyme is blooming.

And I have volunteer delphiniums popping up all over in the front and back beds. Some of the seeds spread to the neighbor's cow pasture. It will give the calves something new to try.

A lily in the front. Didn't know those bulbs were there until I cut back the shrubs...okay, okay, cut them down. They were overgrown and so I cut them off to stumps, figuring to replace them with roses.

Believe it or not, the shrubs are coming back. Not sure now if I'll keep them or not. They're small. I have time to decide.

I hear thunder. Time to unplug this thing, so off I go.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015


I can't remember how long it's been since rain and thunderstorms weren't a part of the forecast.

Today, so far though, supposedly not.

A break, that feels like a reprieve.

I've been in a bit of a funk; the rain, gloomy skies, the damp and mold and joint pain and fevers that the storms bring.

It makes it difficult to find anything to say that isn't just grumping. And I don't really want or need to keep a record of the times I can't find anything nice to say, now do I.

Today the mower comes, and the hayfield that is the side yard can maybe be mown down.
Today will be busy if it doesn't rain. So much outside is getting away from me.

I decided I'd try, on those days I can't think of what to say, well, not anything worth typing anyway, to post some pictures. I've a backlog I've been promising.

So, today, two flowers.
One is the hydrangea in the front. By the color I'm guessing it needs feeding a bit more acid to make it blue.

And the other is a mystery I found on the edge of the driveway in the wild area of trees and leaf mold. Maybe it has a name?

I found a red headed centipede on the back deck this week. 
"I'm Baaaaaaaack!" it seemed to say.

oh joy

But the dentist office called. Next appointment is next week.
I need a miracle. 
It's already 2 months later than I wanted to head north,
and I'm losing my ability to be nice to them;
mistake after mistake,
trapping me here when I want to 

Okay, I seem to have used up all my nice, so
That's all I've got today. 

Off I go.

Friday, May 15, 2015

This might be why I stopped

I think this is why I stopped blogging before.
I don't want this to simply be a to do list.
Or complaint log.
And yet, other than saying I'm really getting to hate this rain and humidity,
or talk about the wood working I'm doing, planning to do, making wood lists for or sitting looking at the pieces and not doing, I've really got nothing right now.
I'm still in a holding pattern with my dental work.
I still can't go north until it's done.
The dog is doing pretty good most days.
My house is pretty clean and picked up.

See? boring.

Oh, wait. I got something.
The mower repair person is supposed to come today.
So I'm housebound all day because they don't make an appointment for a time.
They say 8-5.
So no errands.
And anytime I'm not in the main part of the house, the dog will need to be crated.
Not much fun for her, this kind of day.

So, I'll measure wood and maybe get a shelf put up in the apartment kitchen.
And begin a supply list for my spare room bed I want to make.
And watch it rain some more.

Should have bought a bigger rain barrel.
Who'd a thunk there'd be this much rain.
And the funny thing is?
The lakes are still not at capacity after the years of drought.

Of course, if this continues, it's just a matter of time.

Some places have standing water near me.
The pond (they call them tanks around these parts) behind my place is full and has been all year, even though the neighbors said it doesn't hold water. Apparently it does if it rains heavy every damned day.

Okay, that's enough.
I'm still here. Not very good company right now, but here.
And okay, for all my grumping.
I've productive things to do.
Guess I'll get to it. Right then, off I go.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Door and window

If nothing else, time has taught me to stop, and breathe,
and then respond
when things are trying to be different than I supposed
or planned.

My first real bed and breakfast reservation was canceled.

It was due to circumstances beyond her control.

She was distressed and sorry.
I told her not to worry.
It was not a problem.
I offered a full refund.

I was sad
for missed opportunities
I was gracious
and solicitous
and put my guest first
and did my utmost to do the best I could
with what was beyond our control.

I went on to install the safety door.
And set up a nice place for the coffee making.
And swept and dusted and planned some minor decorations

someone else will be coming

at the end of June.

And if it's prepped and ready,

if this closed door allows a window to open an opportunity for someone else

I'll be nearly ready.

Monday, May 11, 2015

Random on Mother's Day

Dodging thunderstorms that steal my brain makes for a bad blogger. Sorry I've been absent.

I've been jotting down notes so when the weather cleared I could remember what I wanted to post about. Then I save it as a draft and have cliff notes for the next day.

Might help.

Might just be gibberish or disjointed bits.
No telling, but here goes...

I like to make something special for brunch on sundays, something breakfasty that takes a bit more time or fuss, the sort of thing I don't make everyday (cold cereal, oatmeal, bread & egg).

Yesterday, because it was sunday AND Mother's Day I wanted something extra special.
But I couldn't decide between:

banana walnut pancakes,
asparagus potato frittata,
teff-mesquite flour blueberry scones,
cheese blintzes
or bacon mushroom cheddar omelet

So I did what I normally do under those circumstances.
I tried to do them all. :)

Well, almost.

I didn't make the banana walnut pancakes, mostly because I'd made pancakes the week before.
And the cheese blintzes...didn't have the right kind of filling and
there was another reason...

Oh, yeah. I was dodging thunderstorms that steal my brain.
Not something I wanted to make something picky doing.

Maybe next sunday.

I had the omelet for breakfast,
The scones for lunch, regrettably forgetting to add the blueberries (as nearly always)
so I ate them with prickly pear jelly instead.
And had the frittatta for dinner.

I only got a picture of the scones. Sorry. :)

They were all good. And no bloating after the scones, even though I was using 3 different flours I hadn't tried before. I was pretty sure the gluten free baking flour mix would be okay, but the teff and mesquite flours were new to my system. And they worked really well!

Now I just hope the other 6 scones I didn't eat freeze and reheat well. That's way too much for me for one day. :)

Oh, and I wrote down the recipe, just in case it came out well. So I'll have it again later. YAY!

I spent a goodly part of the day running down my computer battery, keeping an eye on the serious storms passing nearby. There were tornados all around me, but none came close enough to here to have to spend time in the storm room. YAY!

But while I was on the computer, I also caught up on some of my crafty, foodie and eclectic blogs I normally only check once a week or so.

I came across Kitchen Repertoire, and they do something a bit odd. On their main page they have a short listing of their blog posts, with a teaser. Not like most blogs that give a preview of the start of their blog post. This is an actualy teasing ad, and if you click on the blog title, the teaser ad is not part of the actual post.

This week I found, for their post for March 10th, they posted the teaser below. It looks like a great cake to try, and I saved it. But I wanted to keep the teaser, too, so I copied and pasted it below:



Recipe yields 2 nice thick layers. Gluten Free!

Dessert Friday

Breakfast Saturday

Brunch Sunday

Tea Monday

Elevenses Tuesday

Dinner Wednesday

Last Piece Thursday

And on and on we go.

[ reference to:
(recipe saved) ]

Isn't it a great idea? I want a Bake A Cake Friday Club!!!

All the rain we've had this spring has yielded more throw away garden than I can eat. I offered some of the winter curly kale to my neighbors who look after the house and yard for me when I'm gone. His wife sounded interested, especially when I gave her some recipe ideas to use it in. Him? Not so much. I wish I could have taken a picture of his face when I came down his driveway with a gallon bag of cleaned kale in my hand. Trying to be polite and welcoming while looking balefully at the green stuff he knew he'd be forced to eat. Absolutely priceless.

I have an overabundance of swiss chard coming on too. Maybe I'll do a repeat performance, just to get to see that face again. I'm so mean.

The garden's been nice to the flower beds, too. I have purple delphiniums and white & yellow daisies blooming, left by the previous owners. And what I thought was mint? Not. It's lantana. Good thing I didn't pick a bunch of that for tea!

I never knew lantana leaves smelled of mint. Now I know.

This wacky weather steals my brain.
My house is messy and it's mostly because I'm bubble headed and having trouble focusing.

That's what storms do to me. Maybe it's a blood pressure change sort of thing? Dunno. But I don't like it much.

Thunderstorm and tornado watches, warnings

I really appreciate Internet and Interactive real time radar

So far, so good, none have come close enough to be a danger.
Close, too close to ignore them, but no damage here.
Just some rain, some far off dark skies and distant rumbles of thunder.

But good so far.

More in the forecast for the next forseeable. But hey, we can always use the rain.

Gluten free scones
bacon and omelet
More eggs for dinner

I was really tempting fate yesterday with my food choices
But hey...who cares if I stink out the place? The dog can't complain. :)

Okay, it's monday

and for me that means a day to do some picking up and cleaning.

Sheets, floors, trash day...

So, off I go.

Thursday, May 7, 2015

The waiting game

After talking to the neighbors and Hubs, I've decided to go ahead and offer the apartment without breakfast at a reduced rate.

Everyone I talked to thinks it's no big deal, and it is exactly the sort of thing I was hoping for when I started this project.

I wanted it rented for longer spans rather than short ones, and wanted to get people who were having to work temporarily in the area who wanted something a bit more homelike than a hotel. In my area that means the military post or the hospital.

I offered a reduced rate, something like 1/5 the B&B rate, for a few reasons:

One, I hadn't planned on renting during that time period, so any money is gravy.

Two, it's someone from the hospital so if they give a good review it will provide a toe hold in that arena.

Three, it's a student on a limited budget.

Four, the rent requested covers the cost of the internet and increased utilities and a bit extra.

By the time I pay those costs I'd be charging what I paid for a studio apartment back thirty years ago.

So, probably too low, but it's all I need, and possibly more than they can afford going to school.

I don't know. We'll see.

I made the offer. The ball is in their court now, to accept or decline.

So I'm waiting to hear.

I'm also waiting to get the mower repaired.

It's embarrassing.

I called the neighbor to get the name of the person he said made house calls, and he couldn't remember saying that. And my first reaction is to doubt myself.

Did I mishear him? Did I dream it? What a stup I feel.

(as a funny aside, as I was typing stup, autocorrect first tried to change it to stud and then to stop. I think the universe is trying to tell me to stop being so hard on myself. :)

Anyway, he suggested a couple of mower repair places
(one is closed),
and offered the use of his utility trailer if I needed it to haul the mower to them.
(the one that is closed used to pick up and deliver - of course, of the two, that was the one that closed. Le sigh)

I did some Internet research trying to find the places he suggested and found out that Sears has a home repair service for riding lawn mowers.

And they can do it in 10 days.
Oh.. okay.

When I first moved in here I mowed the lawn with just a gas push mower.

I'm a lot stronger and healthier now than I was then. I'm certain I can do it again.

Stronger! Better than before!!

So, I've made the appointment, and now I wait for that too.

I guess that leaves me no choice than to get off my rear, get the supplies I need, and build a new, better, prettier safety door for the B&B staircase!

And no rain or storms in the forecast for today.

So, off I go.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Do over

I managed to get my safety door built yesterday, but I'm not happy with how it looks (sort of like a bank vault door - very safe but too dark and clunky), so I'm not sharing pictures and I'm going to do it again, different this time.

I'm thinking of using dowels to give the door an open, airy look, yet still be stable and strong enough.

The rebuild will mean a trip to town for supplies; not my little town, but a big box store in the bigger town an hour away. Maybe Thursday.

I also got my first non-friend nibble on the B&B last night. That was pretty exciting! AND they want to rent it for 6 weeks!! HURRAH!

Of course there's a catch.

They want to rent it in July and August, the very months I need to be up north, and later plan on going across country to see J!

What to do...

I told them I'd planned to be away during that time, but if they were comfortable with no breakfasts, change their own linens, and have a neighbor (if'n they're willing) act as local contact, then I'd speak to the neighbors and see if they're willing to do that.

So I gave them a firm maybe. :)

The people who owned this house before me used to rent that apartment out by the month, so it's not an unusual request.

And since the person requesting it is working at the local hospital, AND so is my neighbor who I told about it day before yesterday, it's just possible that she was the one who told the interested person about the B&B and so might be willing to be phone contact in case anything went wrong with the A/C, or something.

And since it would bring in a solid 6 weeks of rent, I'd reduce the rate a bit and throw in free dedicated wifi.

I've asked Hubs' opinion, too. Not sure if I'm comfortable with it or not, really.

The answer I gave her gives me time to think about it more, and allows an 'out' in case I decide I'm not willing to do it.

Time will tell.

Nice that there are nibbles on it, anyway. :)

I had to laugh at J's reply on yesterday's post. Yes, J, I WOULD be the sort of person that drove a riding lawn mower from my house to the fix it place on the side of the highway. Can't you just see me? Floppy shade hat, extra large blue jean shirt and holy jeans?

Nope, I got no shame at all. LOL!

Well, today's a desk day, so I'll be cross eyed by evening but maybe have a clear desk and outbox.

So, off I go.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

It's not heavy

I keep talking about building things with wood.
I know it brings to mind huge heavy things.
Even I picture heavy, stout, strong pieces when I think of woodworking.

But the things I've built so far are light and easy to make.

Even the headboard I made was hollow core. I could easily lift and carry with one hand, but it looks solid and heavy.

I'm using pine and that's light. And instead of two by fours I'm using one by twos, or one by threes for my framework. And then the lightest, thinnest plywood that will work for the job; 1/2-inch for the top of my camper bunk, 1/4-inch for my headboard and now for the safety stairs door.

It should be strong yet light enough and easily managed, even by such a lightweight as I am. :)

Today it's supposed to rain, so it will be a good day to do woodworking.

Yesterday I broke the mower.
I think.
I need to have a repair person look at it.
It's making a strange sound when I activate the mower blade, and that's a very bad place to have a strange sound, so I'm going to get it checked out before I mow any more.

It's supposed to rain for at least the next four days, so I wouldn't be able to mow anyway. The neighbor that looked after the place while I was on my mini camping trip said he knows someone that will fix mowers and does house calls. Sounds perfect to me!

Yesterday, too, I got confirmation that my first B&B guest will be arriving in the middle of the month.

So, I have two weeks to finish up making things right in there, building, cleaning and decorating, and then, well, just enjoy it, I guess.

I like to cook, and am an early riser, so breakfast will be no problem. And since I know the person staying, it makes it almost a nice long visit instead of a job.

Fingers crossed it all goes well, and she leaves a nice review. That's so important to getting strangers to trust a new B&B, like me.

Thanks for the sleep, or lack of sleep, suggestions, J! I have to go to town tomorrow or Wednesday, and will pick some of that melatonin up. It's certainly worth a try to calm my busy brain so I can sleep.

Well, I've been saying I was going to try to put in pictures and I guess now's the trial...Yay! It worked!

Maybe someone knows what kind of flower this is?

Ignore the crocus leaves. They bloomed next to these mystery flowers.

Anyone know what they were?
They sure were pretty. I'd like to have them again next year. :)

I haven't heard from Wife, yet, about the pattern she won. I'm sure it's my fault. I can't figure out how to reach her by email or on Ravelry so she can claim her free pattern. I guess that means the ball is in her court. 

Wife? If you're reading this, please forgive me, and contact me on Ravelry? User name there is mrsmouse. Thanks!

Well, this has been a long one. Fun to see the pictures there. Now I know how easy it is, maybe I can start sharing more garden and trip pics. :)

Until then, I'd best get moving, so off I go.

Monday, May 4, 2015

Second verse same as the first

For some reason (I haven't figured out why yet) I haven't been sleeping sound since I got back. I'm having trouble falling asleep, and staying asleep. I've tried all my normal remedies and so far none of them have worked.

Someone very dear to me who currently lives far away over the water suggested I put the bed back in the camper and sleep out in the garage. We laughed, but I tell you, I'm not far from it.

My to do list is suffering because of it. I'm so tired by lunch that nothing much gets done after that.

This is an old cycle. It just happens without rhyme or reason every couple of months. I know I just need to tough it out and it will get better and back to normal. I just wish I knew what caused it so I could kick it out the door sooner!!

I did manage to give the dog a bath yesterday. She's really needed it since our little trip. She isn't a greasy dog, like some lab mixes, but she and I were caught in high winds and dusty conditions and that does make the hair itch. I was able to make use of the campground showers and feel better, but dogs aren't allowed in there, and I don't have 'proper bathroom facilities' in my little Gnome home. Bathroom facilities include a chemical holding tank portable toilet, and plastic bowl and water jug sink, and if you want a shower and there isn't one in the campground, you stand outside with a bar of soap in the rain. :) What can I say, ... It's very basic, my little camper.

I'm not sure she likes getting a bath. Someone has scared her badly. Especially water near her face. Not good. That will take a lot of time and patience and no mistakes on my part to get her over, but we'll get there. I think I know where they bathed her improperly, and I won't take her back there anymore. Pets ask so little of us. And their needs are so simple and easy to fill. It's the least we can do not to scare them in the process of taking care of them. Sheesh!

So, still no pictures. Sorry. I've been spending my computer time catching up, catching up on desk work, and doing research on making a pop up roof for my little camper. And also working to get my listing for my B&B set up correctly. I have a guest coming in the middle of May. Getting that place set up well is my highest priority right now.

Today I'll build a swing door for the top of the stairs. Very simple model with spring hinges opening one way only, so if someone zigs when they aught to zag on the way past the stairs to the bathroom in the middle of the night, they'll just bounce off the safety door, not take a tumble down the stairs.

I'm a safety gal. :)  (Anyone know what movie that like comes from?)

Anyway, it's time to move my rump and get some things done!
Off to the hardware store...I need wood!

And so, off I go!

Friday, May 1, 2015

catching up the house and the to do list

The day I got back I tried to unpack but only got about halfway before I found myself wandering the house in a daze trying to remember what I was doing. I made myself stay up until 7 pm, and then slept like a rock for 10 hours.

The next day I had a headache all day, and also a dentist appointment. Not related. I think.
But I managed to get one load of clothes washed and the rest of the unpacking done. I had to stop doing laundry after that because of a water main break. I'd slept too long and had trouble going to sleep that night. So I only got about 6 hours of sleep, I think.

Yesterday I said, enough! And took the day off.
I caught up on reading my blogs, made some rice so I could make stir fried rice,
And watched two movies that were going to expire on Netflix: The Rats of NIMH, and Flight.
The rats I wouldn't watch again. It was interesting but not a keeper.
Flight, however, was one of those movies that I kept talking, yelling actually, back at. The main character had a serious problem and I kept saying, 'Seriously? You're really going to do that? Again? How stupid can you be??'
And then, because I'd watched that one so close to bed time, again had trouble getting to sleep.
In spite of a bowl of mashed potatoes (that usually knocks me out!), AND a cup of hot milk with honey. I didn't have to resort to Sleepy Time Tea, and that's good because I always feel groggy after drinking that!
So today I'm a bit tired, but I have a list of things I want to do before I sleep tonight.
So far, so good.
I've done a full load of laundry and started a second one (the last for a while).
Emptied and cleaned the portapotty I use in the little Gnome Home camper.
Wrapped some chicken wire around one of the garden supports for the cucumber vines (volunteer) to climb on.
Mowed the back yard.
Weeded one of the front flower beds.
And played with the dog.
Oh, and ran the dishwasher.
Still want to give the dog a bath, and wash my hairs.
But lunch of speghetti meatballs is calling my name.
So, I'm off.

(Wife Goes on? You've won a free knitting pattern. Now we just need to figure out which one you'd like, and get it to you. If you're a member of Ravelry, it's easy peasy to do. If not, well, we'll figure out something. Let me know you saw this and we'll go from there, okay?)