Tuesday, November 3, 2015


HA! Bet you didn't expect to see me back again so soon. :) I know, I know. I did say I'd try to do 30 in a row. But you know how those things go around here. Best intentions don't always get the job done.

3. Today I'm grateful for this mystery mixed breed mutt that came into my life just over a year ago and disrupted it all to hell.

Unruly, untrained, high energy, she almost went back to the rescue shelter a number of times.

But something told me I needed her, and even when I tried to give her back, had the appointment and everything, I broke down crying so hard I couldn't see to drive.

That was the point I decided that I needed to stick it through and do the best I could with her.

I found ways to keep her from jumping fence and running away.

We worked on training and worked on training and worked on training, and still, I was sure she'd get loose when I went on my loooong camping trip this past year and not come when she was called, and either get lost or get hit by a car.

Instead, in the close confines of the camper, by maintaining our routine and training, she actually made progress and became the dog I hoped she'd become.

She's learned to wag her tail and enjoy having her ears scratched.
She's learned to play fetch and actually bring the ball back instead of playing keep away.
She's learned to walk on a leash without pulling (most of the time).

Most important, she's learned to come when she's called! That's huge.

She can go out in the fenced yard now without being tied out, and without climbing over the fence to get to the other side.

She's even gotten so she can play with soft toys without destroying them. Tennis balls, now that's a whole 'nother story,... :)

I'm grateful she came into my life.
I'm grateful she wormed her way into my heart.
I'm grateful I went the distance, and gave her patience and the time she needed to become a really wonderful companion.

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  1. I'm grateful too because she was such a great companion on your summer-long adventure. She is a really nice pup. She is going to be your faithful "fur child" for years and years.