Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Dry North Air

4. I'm thankful for the spell of warm, drier air that came to visit between drenching downpours. The dog seems to distrust the dry, north breezes, standing and sniffing for the longest time before getting down to business and doing her outside 'chores'. Sometimes, not. She'll go for the longest time rather than pee in a north wind. Dunno why. Can't ask her. But I'm grateful for the less humid air to do the fall chores that have to be done before winter...weeding flower beds, edging sidewalks and driveway, pruning up the crepe myrtle and smaller trees. (The big Live Oaks have to have a tree service...they're much too tall and big for little ol' me. :)

More rain in the forecast. I can't be unhappy about it. The edging acts as drainage, and each time it rains I get a better handle on what to do for the minor ponding I get in major rainfalls. Today I deepened a few, and extended one of the driveway edges. I think that will help keep the others from filling in with silt so badly. I need to buy some fill dirt for one of the issues, but it's really the only bad one left. At least I think so. The next rain tonight, tomorrow, the next day and next should say for sure.

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